Hi there, I'm April! 

I know what it feels like to sit on the sidelines of life. I spent nearly a decade watching my health and quality of life decline. I thought I lived a pretty healthy life and ate well, but when my health hit a tipping point and some scary things started happening, I knew something needed to change.

The only thing was that I had no idea what to change.

All I had tried up to this point (eating all the "right" foods, exercise, consume less calories than I used, etc) had not been working for me. Deep down I knew I shouldn't feel so run down all the time.

I opened my mind to an lifestyle approach that could help reset and rebalance the systems in my body. It was simple, doable and changed the way I looked at wellness. And now, I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible find freedom from what weighs them down. 

Life is too short to just endure life and to spend it working just to pay bills and die. And life is too short to not have time for the things that matter most.

I'm here to serve. How can I help you?